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Why I Am Qualified to Represent You?

My journey to Colorado Springs and to Keller Williams Client Choice Realty is important because I have moved several times, having to find my way in a new community each time. I hope by sharing my experiences I will provide you with a little insight into who I am and why I am qualified to represent you.

First, let me give you a little information about me.  I moved to Colorado Springs with my family back in 1980.  I met and married a wonderful man, Pat, in 1983.  Our first son, Patrick, was born in 1984.  Shortly after Patrick’s birth we had to pack up our little family and move to Ft. Knox , Kentucky .  This was my first move away from my mom and dad and it was not an easy one for me, but I knew being married to a military man that there were many more moves ahead of me.  Many more places to explore, friends to meet, and challenges galore. 

Over the past 30 years of marriage, I have had 11 moves, 9 homes bought and sold, and 3 sons and 1 daughter.  There were many new friends to meet, new doctors to be found, new hairdressers, new schools, the hardship of living in temporary quarters, separations, good-byes to friends we had to come to love, and everything involved in making a move.  I seemed to have mastered the process.  At least I hope so.  I told my husband back in 1983 that I would marry him if he promised to move me home someday.  I moved many times over those past 30 years, but Pat was true to his word and he moved me home.  You see, even though I made everywhere we lived “home”, my heart remained in Colorado Springs.  So, in 1999 my family of 6 moved back to Colorado Springs and now we can all call it home.  My family has grown over the years to include 2 daughter in laws, 1 son and law, and 3 beautiful granddaughters (Gosh am I one lucky woman!)

I have been in sales all of my adult life, and have been in real estate for the past 18 years. I became a Realtor in Virginia in 1995 after having a terrible buying experience, and I vowed I would make a difference in the lives of others. I began working in real estate in Colorado Springs back in 1999. I joined Keller Williams Client Choice Realty in 2011.  Not only do Keller Williams agents excel in production, but also in the level of service they provide. It is a great company and an excellent group of people both personally and professionally, and I consider myself very lucky to be a part of this team.

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